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AGA has been providing fun, effective and safe lessons to junior golf players consistently. Since 2006, over 10,000 juniors have attended our lessons. We believe our life-inspiring training can help the junior to develop a happy, confident and healthy life.  These are the words from our students for AGA.

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“Thank you for all the memories! Without AGA, I’ve no idea where I will be in life right now! All the best.😊” 


~ Lou Tan, 2020


Lou Tan started golf with AGA when he was 5.He didn't stop chasing his dream once he started playing golf. In 2019, he was the qualified player in Hong Kong Open with amateur status. Now, he is the world amateur ranked golf players.


Anson Chau 從四歲至今,已經在AGA學了十年高爾夫球了!
在這裏遇到一班很有愛心和有耐性的教練。因此激發了兒子學習的興趣,令其專注力及球技得到提升。同時,他立志將來成為AGA的教練,教導新一代小朋友打球。他對AGA有一份深厚的感情 。   

~ Anson 媽媽

1. 孩子感興趣,老師亦很有耐性。孩子進步得很快,位置亦很方便。 ~ Selene (Nixon's mum) 


2. 能彈性安排補課,值得讚許老師耐心教導和因材施教。~ Mr Ma (Chloe's Dad)


3. 課程內容豐富,教練指導用心。孩子能迅速做出揮桿動作​。~ Grace (Alan's Mun)


4. We want to express our thanks for such a good opportunity provided for my son to learn golf. Thank you.  ~ Hidey (Julian's Mun)

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