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Our Lessons

AGA welcomes golfers from all levels to join our professional trainings to improve and enhance their golf skills.

Professional Golf Training Programs


All our coaches are professional and experienced in teaching golf.  We all adopt the same USGTF training method which is a systematic approach to help golfers to develop their skills in the game.

AGA is also equipped with the latest technologies of golf facilities, including 51 golf bays, over 10,000 sq. feet chipping and putting green and 3 golf practicing studios with simulator facilities. We believe AGA is the place for all levels of golf lovers to improve and enhance their golf skills. 


Training Program

  • Group Lesson

  • Sunshine Lesson

  • Private Lesson

Hong Kong Junior Training Program

  • Group Lesson

  • Sunshine Lesson

  • Private Lesson

On-Course Training

  • On-Course Training

  • Golf Training Tour

  • Private Event

we teach more than GOLF!



Development of Golf Swing 

From Set up to the finishing position, AGA will help your kids to develop an efficient golf swing. 



Pitching is very important when you get closer to the green or to get over some obstacles. 



Hitting the ball out of the bunker from fairway or greenside bunker are harder than you thought. Our program cover the essential technique on mastering this shot 



Putting Putting Putting! Driver to show, putt to win. We always stress putting is essential for successful putting. 



​Never Underestimate the important of Chipping! You are very close to the green but then if you can not chip close the hole, it can cost you more than a stroke. 

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we use the BRAVO for video an

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