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Membership has its privileges. Members can enjoy our golf facilities and receive discounts for attending golf lessons and purchasing golf accessories. 



3 Types of Membership

1. SCAA Membership  

          - Be a South China Athletic Association (SCAA) Member, you have the right to join all sport lessons and use the facilities in SCAA. Application and annual fee, please visit SCAA website or

2. SCAA Golf Membership

       - After you join the SCAA Membership, you can also join the SCAA Golf Membership.  It allows you to access the golf facilities in SCAA - Jockey Club Driving Range.  You also can book your golf bay in advance and  bring your guest with only $50 admission fee per person.  For more information about its privileges, application and annual fee, please visit SCAA website or

3. Sunshine Pass

      - It is the pass for golf lovers who are the SCAA Members and would like to play golf before 5 p.m. on weekdays.  Sunshine Pass holders can enjoy playing on the chipping and putting green with discount before 5 p.m. on weekdays.  Also, pass holders can always book the golf practicing studios at discounted price as well.  You can just simply bring in your SCAA Membership Card and apply for the Sunshine Pass at our front desk. For more information and fee, please click on the  Sunshine Pass Price list.

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