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Professional Golf Facilities

AGA is a professional golf academy. We know what facilities a golfer needs for improving their skill in golf.  We also know what facilities a golfer like to play for fun.  No matter you a beginner or advanced golf players, AGA is a place for you.  It can satisfy your needs for golf. 



driving range photo.jfif


We have a 2-story driving range with 51 golf bays, including:

  • Upper Level: 26 bays & 2 bays for left-handed players

  • Lower Level: 20 bays, 1 bay for left-handed players & 2 extra-large bays

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51 Spacious Golf Practicing Bays

We proudly provide a newly outdoor chipping and putting green in Hong Kong Island. It is over 10,000 square feet and it is made of high-quality artificial turf.  It has different slopes and golf bunkers.  Besides, the surrounding area of the green is a brand-new sizable football pitch and greenish hills.  Practicing short game there is a real treat in a busy life. 


Exceeding 10,000 square feet

different slopes and golf bunkers

We have different sizes of the golf practicing studios and they are all over 100 sq. feet. Private golf practicing studio is also available.  You can focus on your skill improvement or have a competition with your friend privately.  These studios are equipped with the latest technologies of golf simulators, Trackman and/or Bravo. 


Golf Practicing Studios

Simulator Technology TrackMan (Denmark) 

(Suspend for Trackman)


TrackMan is the latest golf simulation system, origin from Denmark. This system uses Dual Radar Technology, which can help us to collect maximum data quality and increase pick up rates. TrackMan measures and displays the full trajectory of all shots with various calculation parameters, including Club Path and Face Angle to Swing Direction and Spin Loft. These data assist golfers and coach to understand their strengths and weaknesses.  Thus, the coach can design a personalized training program to enhance their skills. Furthermore, golfer can enjoy a different pleasure with the feeling of actual field play.


Simulator Technology

 Bravo (Korea) 


Bravo has the excellent sensor system BV21.  It has the latest shooting high-speed camera detect golf ball flying through three-dimensional monitoring of track and measure your shots with a high degree of accuracy of 99.99%. The New Vision Technology Method (Stereo Vision) to detailed areas 3D analysis at high speed for more accurate you can check the result, including amount of spin, distance, launch angle and more.  You can enjoy feeling like a real golf course in the exact impact of rounding.

night view 2.jfif

For more information and fee, please click on the Golf Facilities and Fee. For reservation and enquiry, please call us/whatsapp 6933 8068.

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